Photo Valeria Rozova

Valeria Rozova entrepreneur & product creator

On a mission to change ways people work. I work with businesses, educate product managers, mentor leaders and help digital specialists accelerate their career.

I focus on two topics: digital products and leadership. I’ve been practicing these fields since 2014.

Recent Experience

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Launched my — a platform for managers and teams development.
a work in progress project
Designed Pioneum — case competition and rating for outsource product teams.
held it two times with more than 50 participants and 50+ IT companies involved.
Held three product management intensive courses for 120 experienced product managers all over the world, including London, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, in terms of Wannabelike project.
120+ participants with 80% average competion rate.  

Past Experience

Worked as a CPO with a team of 20 product managers, product designers and product analysts at Qlean, a home-care platform.
I led my team to break-even, reached profit KPIs, developed new operational and saas solutions for business effectiveness, reporting directly to the CEO and investors. I’ve participated in international conferences, numerous experience exchanges with companies from all over the world, including the USA, Great Britain, Singapore, LatAm countries, South Korea etc.
Worked as a Product Marketing Manager at Gett company
a leading taxi hailing company. I’ve conducted more than 10 market researches, localised numerous features with the team of engineers from Israel, enhanced the effectiveness of marketing channels, designed drivers’ communications project and launched several products.
Worked as a Head of Customer Experience at Doc+
a leading med-tech start-up. I was responsible for 20 employees in the customer service, conducted market researches, designed communication and retention strategies for the customers.
Worked as an advising CPO at BestDoctor
hiring new team members, organising the team structure, doing product research and developing digital solutions.
Worked as an external consultant for IBM research
leading an international team of 5 and designing a transformation and a change plan for the company.
Worked as a marketing trainee in L’Oreal Luxe
being responsible for the largest in terms of revenue brand. I developed marketing campaigns, worked on the brand website, communicated to the French team on the purpose of brand localisation.


I’ve graduated from various business schools and leadership programmes all around the world

CEMS Master in Management (International)
Rotterdam School of Management (The Netherlands)
Graduate School of Management Master in International Business (Russia)
Youth Leaders International (The USA)